Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow, Glorious Snow

We had snow over the weekend that is still here. Snow that canceled the scrapbook retreat that I was to attend. So instead of scrap booking old memories, we created new ones as a family.

Snow that interrupted my life & my plans -- plans to scrapbook. One would think that I would have lots of fun photos of the snow except that I ran out of film, then the camera kept locking up in the cold. So these snow photos are from two weeks ago when we had a light dusting of snow that stayed on the ground for several days unlike the 4 inches that have stayed this time.

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  1. Great pics! (I'm glad you put on there that it was from the last snow, because I kept looking at the 2nd born's hair and thinking that something looked different ... since it's now MUCH shorter!) :)


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