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If you walked into the front door of my house, you would learn several things about me just by observation: a large table, lots of pictures, and lots of books. Come and see. 

Our front door opens into our dining room. It is a long table. Sometimes it holds 6 chairs, sometimes 12 or more. It just depends.  We love to have others others over and to "Sit long. Talk much. and Laugh often."  with them. In addition to eating, talking, and laughing at this table, we play games and use it as our school room. 

Directly across from the front door is our wall of pictures. There are three frames of my husband, Kip, & myself: One holds memories of our dating years, another of our wedding day, the third  holds memories of the first five years of marriage, in which I am pregnant with our first child.  There are no more big frames because I got busy having children after that. A few pictures of the kids are sprinkled among those frames. In addition, parents & grandparents adorn our wall. Something of a pictorial family tree. Family is important. I was raised that way. 

When people glance at the book shelf wall, they usually say:  "Wow. That's a lot of books!" Or sometimes they might blurt out "Have you read all of those books?" Once I heard a quote about decorating with books and I have never been the same. I love books. I love stories. Stories can be written in the books or spoken at the table. 

Into the dining room  also floats the music of guitar (see it there in the corner?) and a piano (not pictured here) and occasionally our voices are heard singing too. Music is an important element in our lives. 

Sunshine fills the room through its large windows. I love that we can look out on the trees and flowers in our yard, yet another favorite--the outdoors. 

 Family, relationships, ideas, faith, stories and sunshine are a few of my favorite things. I often write about these things here at Kath Ink.If this page has only whetted your appetite to know about me, please by all means click on these two links that will lead you to 100 things about me PART I and PART II.

I write snippets of my story here at Kath INK. Stories of my family, my journey, my insight to reach across to inspire you to notice the story in your own home and heart. I share insights of faith & thankfulness in the midst of the ordinary of in my life to encourage you in your life. As we walk this road of life together with music, food, tears, and laughter may we encourage each other to walk a faith-filled journey.

--Kathleen T. Jaeger, author of Kath INK

The six of us on summer vacation 2012.

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