Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How can I cook the chicken, when there is a world that needs saving?

There are orphans that need adopting.

And I need to thaw the chicken.

A woman fell out of her wheelchair & broke many bones. And I'm only trying to recover from a twisted knee.

There are starving children in Peru, Guatemala, and Africa. Maybe even in my backyard. 

And I'm thinking, "Thaw the chicken, so I can cook the chicken."

There is a terribly talented woman who had seven consecutive number one hits. She was only four years older than me. Didn't want to end up like another terribly talented one. But she did. So sad, the lack of peace that talent brings.

But there are thousands upon thousands who don't have the full Bible in their native tongue.

Yet,  I need to call the Emergency Room about the bill for my twisted knee. And I'm also wondering how I'm going to get rid stuff so there is simply a place for the 50 people we invited  over to our house for a  party.

And... I need to thaw the chicken.

Meanwhile, there are orphans waiting for their forever families, superstars who seemingly didn't die in peace, quiet neighbors who struggle to get by every day with basic needs, and people who need to hear about Jesus for the first time.

And all I can think is, "I need to cook the chicken. Call about the ER bill. And organize the stuff around here."

So I escape to my computer because I don't really want to cook the chicken, or call about the bill, or organize the stuff. I'm reminded about the orphans, the cruise ships, the publishing deals, the stars that have divorced or died or received 6 Grammys, and the people who need the Bible in their native tongue.

And here I am escaping from my simple responsibility of cooking the chicken. Reading blogs. Instead of cooking.

Oh, eventually I'll cook the chicken. And deliver the casserole. Hopefully on time.

There is this compelling urge that there needs to be more than cooking chicken, delivering casseroles, and rehabbing my knee. It pales in comparison with adopting orphans, and all the other service that it seems others are doing.

And yet, here I am. At the computer again. Thinking about the chicken...instead of doing what I know is right...

How will I ever be able to save the world, if I can't even cook the chicken?


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Abrasive, admirable GRIT

When a picture has nothing to do with a post!

Grit. Has the definition of sand, gravel or abrasive particles and also firmness of character or indomitable spirit, pluck.

How I admire those who have courage to keep going and moving into unknown territories. Doing things of courage. Innovative.

Yet, another definition is abrasive. And, at times, when we have pluck it appears that we are abrasive to others. Usually unknown or uncared about. Instead of worrying about being nice and pleasant to others and doing just what everyone else would, someone with grit, with pluck, picks up and moves forth, speaks out. It is not pleasant and can be abrasive to  others.

Perhaps that is our choice to be washed over and smooth and polished stone that is pleasant. Or gritty. Someone who is overcoming the circumstances. Plucking themselves up against the sand the gravel, the unpleasant things in this life.

To overcome the grit, the abrasive things in this life we need to have a little bit of pluck. Which may be unpleasant to others but sometimes it causes us to admire them. For overcoming. We all need pluck, grit in this life.


I love 5 Minute Fridays, especially for days like today when "I don't have time" to write and haven't had time to write all week long. So here it is unedited.. Learning to write all the time, whether or not I feel like it.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A debt of love

At first, I saw only: "BILL, tips accepted." My snap judgment quickly led me to an inward sigh, "Ahh these children of mine, always asking for money."

She had done me a favor. Now she was not only charging, but accepting tips as well.  (Really it is her older brother who asks often for money. But they all got lumped together here in my sigh.)

But then...but then... I looked ...at my bill and read what it said. Not what I thought it said.

It was not a request for money. It was  a bill for love. "Tips accepted. BILL. 10 hugs, 20 kisses, 2 snuggles." Ahh, so it is my heart -- not hers -- that needs correcting.

She was not asking for money. She served me in love with breakfast. Now, I owed her love -- not money. She told me just how she wanted her love: hugs, kisses, and snuggles. Well, I could do that!!

You see. My children have been serving me ever so diligently since I twisted my knee two days after Christmas. There is a lot of stiffness in the morning. So it takes longer than usual to get going.

Yet, the sooner I can take my meds with food, the better. So, when asked, the older three children have cheerfully made me an egg. Each one in turn has done this, and more than once, too. They have also warmed up my coffee with just the right amount of half-n-half. Just the way I like "my precious" (as the children tease me about it.)

They have even brought it to my bedroom. This has allowed me not to move far and finish my quiet time before I leave the bedroom -- which is working for me right now and helps everyone have a better day if  I have spent time reading my Bible and praying before I tackle my day.

And so my eldest daughter brought me a lovely breakfast: cheesy scrambled egg, coffee, juice, and toast. When I was finished, she carted the dishes off and returned with a bill.

The BILL the next day from the younger daughter.

It reminded me of the verse in Romans:

"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another...."

What a practical, tangible way to owe the debt of loving one another. Hugs, kisses, snuggles, "I love yous". Those really are the best debt to have with one another.

It is interesting to say we have the continuing debt to love one another. Why does it say continuing debt, an ongoing debt? Why do we owe love? And how do we show it? Any thoughts?

Have a Happy Valentines Day!
and remember

"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law." 
Romans 13:8

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Make new friends, keep the old (Part I)

Kindred spirits
Lately, I have been having a hard time. I have been missing my old friends. The friends that have been close for most of the years that I have lived in Tennessee. You see, about three years ago, God called my husband & I and our four children to a new church.

It took about 6 months from the call to make the transfer but here we are three years later. Still at the new church. Called and transferred. Planted.

We are still loved. Oh, so still loved and cared for by the old church. We stay connected as much as we can. When we get together, it is almost as if we never left.

My laugh-out-loud, Jesus passionate friend
But, it is not the same.

I don't see them every week anymore. I don't know the details of their lives and they don't know mine. I see the big prayer requests and I pray. They pray for mine. If I called and asked for help, they would be here in a heartbeat. I even occasionally have moments of daily life interaction because I haven't moved across the country or across the state. I am in the same house across the city.

But... I am across the city.

And we -- my friends and I -- are all in that middle stage of life doing all the work. Our lives are very full with jobs, and with children, and with taking care of parents and other family members. Our lives are full. For that I am so grateful.

I have so much to be thankful for.

The next generation of friendships

But this living across the city, going to a different church; it is not the same. As seeing them Every Week. And sometimes more than once-a-week.

I need to be careful or I can get in a woe-is-me kind of attitude. Why haven't they called? (Because of course I don't ask when is the last time I have called them? I don't usually see it from that perspective.)

Friend visiting causes us all to get together
As a new friend reminded me this weekend, embrace the change. You don't want to hinder the work God wants to do in the other person's life because you have been holding on to them too long. And so it reminds me of the song I learned in Girl Scouts:

"Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other gold"

I have never known for sure which one is silver and which one is gold. These old and new friendships. But they are both precious. The old friends: we have walked many paths together: early marriage, having kids, watching your child go into brain surgery, miscarriages, band gigs, State Fairs, Bible studies, recipe exchanges, talks on the phone, Clash parties, parents dieing, sickness, Anne-a-thons, selling Discovery Toys and Creative Memories, New Year's Eve parties, birthday parties, salsa, long Sunday afternoons hanging out together, Far Out Fridays, tears, crying, and just everyday-living together. So much life. So thankful.

And yet this new set of friends that God has uniquely called together. This new bunch of home-school moms walking out this life together. Answering my desire to have friends close by that it is easier to get together with. That inspire. That are walking out this home-school thing right here in my neighborhood.

But... I had wanted it to be the old friends. Right here. Right next door. But...it is not how God has planned it. He has asked me to embrace the new. Embrace the multiplying ministry in my life; in their life.

Embrace the new because really I am doubly blessed. Doubly enriched to have all these deep sets of friends.

But I have been mourning the loss of daily living. So many things have happened that I have wanted to share the details with. Oh, we'll get together soon and share the details -- as much as possible in an evening. In some ways, it will seem as if no time has slipped by. Those are amazing friendships.

My loyal, quiet, steady do anything for you friends

But it is not the same. This walking life out not as closely as we once did.

And I noticed in Genesis how much Joseph wept upon seeing his brothers and his father. He wept a lot. He wept a lot just before saying, "You intended this for evil but God intended this for good." (No evil intent in all this...just God...intending for good.)

And so it seems to me that there can be weeping in the midst of embracing the new. Embracing the call God has upon my life. And so my weeping doesn't have to mean that I'm not embracing the change in my life.

My crazy mama (her self-dubbed name)  life of the party friend

I am reminded that it is oh so good to miss them -- these old friends of mine-- terribly. It is not the same as packing up all of my belongings in my little blue car and being thankful to be leaving. Not shedding a single tear of departure there. Instead I rejoiced; so glad to be leaving. It was not hard to say good bye then. And now 20 years later, I am in touch with no one from that year of my life -- that hardest year. The place that I shed no tears upon leaving.

Ahhhh, but the old church. I have shed many tears upon not seeing you every week.

And that is a good thing.

It means the ride's been worthwhile. It is only for a little while that I have this sorrow. And really in heaven...I will get to spend time with all of them there.

So perk up little heart, it will be okay.
* * *

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