Monday, May 6, 2013

How looking outside my kitchen window taught me something about faith

A few weeks ago just outside my kitchen window, the bright pink blossoms of the Japanese Magnolias sang the song of eternal hope, swaying to the rhythm that soon all will be beautiful, and glorious -- just like them. I  welcomed the song because grayness was settling ever deeper into my soul after a long journey of unique circumstances. Each time I looked outside the window, I delighted in the cheerful blooms and my heart became lighter.

This lasted only a few days.

A late spring frost descended. At first, the flowers survived. But after a second frost and more cold days, the beautiful pink blossoms died an early death. They sang their song of hope for less than a week.

Drab, dreary brown, crumpled blossoms took their place. This was much worse than the winter gray that had stared at me for months. The crumpled brown mocked my hope in the glorious, eternal spring song that the pink had just begun to sing.

The new view depressed me.

Just as the pink declared hope; the crumpled brown yelled, "Don't get your hopes up.You'll never find a new normal. It will never get better." 

Pink tree blossoms of hope crashed down into a flurry of crumpled brown before I could even write a blog post about it! 

Then, I looked at the tree with dead flowers. It looked bleak but the truth is that I knew that the tree wasn't dead.

The buds were turning into green leaves. Only the over-the-top flowers were dead. The tree itself was alive. I can't always judge the real work that is happening by only observing the outside of the tree.

A lesson of faith was just outside my kitchen window. I need to walk by faith, not by sight. Though it looks dead because of the dead flowers, the tree itself is still alive.

After a little time, green began to grow -- the steady green of late spring. It is not as glorious as unique, pink blossoms but certainly way better than crumpled brown.

Now when I look outside my kitchen window I see mostly green even though the crumpled brown is still there.  With the eyes of faith, I'm learning to trust that there is life even when I can't see it.

 Deep, true growth is hard to see. That is why I must walk by faith, not by sight.Walk steadily in the days of green while I continue to trust that in due time, the pink will come again with its glorious song of hope..

"We live by faith, not by sight." II Corinthians 5:7
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  1. Wow, Kath, what amazing photos and insights you've is so true, we don't always see with our eyes what God is doing deep in our hearts and in our lives...Praying today for God to bless you with His peace and joy :) Glad I linked up behind you at Jen's

  2. I love the analogy, Kath. It makes so much sense to me. In our world of "show me" walking by faith is a spiritual practice that is difficult to do. I was reading Romans this morning and Paul talks about how trials bring endurance, endurance brings character and characters strengthens faith and the hope of our salvation. Walking by faith when it seems as if everything is wrong outside the window is the hardest, yet the moment when our faith grows the deepest.

  3. Oh, Kathy, our fresh spring blooms were hidden in snow last week and just looking in the yard made me want to cry. Love your reminder here to trust God is at work even when we can't SEE it. Glad our link ups led me here!

  4. Praying for you. Walking by faith can be so very hard.


  5. Good morning! I am coming by from IP and I was so encouraged by the picture you painted for us! I love how God reveals himself in his nature. Here the spring took SO long to come and I had to fight being discouraged. But when the buds finally burst open on the tree in front of our house it was a giant exhale, that knowing that everything is working as planned.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  6. Kath.........God is so good to speak to us through His creation. It's good to 'hear' from you, Kath. I'm thinking and praying for you.

  7. oh friend. i understand, completely. nature speaks to me so loudly too, about the spiritual world. i love reading your posts. you always teach me.

  8. This was such a wonderful reminder and love how nature spoke to you. Thank you for sharing with us. Beautiful images and words. Blessings, Beth

  9. I love this post. Thanks for sharing your words and pictures. I've been thinking a lot about growth and healing lately, and how mysterious it is. I don't fully understand it, but I know God makes it happen!


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