Saturday, July 27, 2013

From here to there and back again (3,000 miles)

It's been awhile since I've appeared here in this writing space. I've driven 3,000 miles since I last posted and those are just the miles that I logged across country.I'm not counting the trips back and forth to friends, family, and camps. In this photo posed with a Route 66 mug full of steaming coffee, I am near the end of that 3,000 mile journey staying at a friend's airstream camper. What a perfect picture to depict our journeys from Nashville to Chicago to Minneapolis to Louisville and back again.. In addition to travels, here a few additional things going on in our household.

We have welcomed a new cat into our home.

We have put a new roof on the house. (Well contractors put it on but there is a process in all of it from selecting shingles to cutting a check)

We have celebrated 20 years of marriage with 6 days of hubby & myself while the kids spent a week at the cousins with their annual Cousin Extravaganza Time.

We celebrated a friend's milestone birthday with cherished friends singing 70-80s hits with a karaoke sing along, discovering once again how few words we actually know to the verses of those growing up songs.

We celebrated our niece's 8th birthday and climbed around rocks and through the rivers of Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.

This are just a few of the things that have been happnening in this corner of my world. Many thoughts have been jumbling around in my head, a few have made it onto a page or two. Hopefully soon more words will join us here.

Love, Kathleen

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