Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carole Joy Seid Inspires Again

My new friend Hope, Carole Joy Seid & me

Last Saturday, hubby & I went to hear Carole Joy Seid speak for the 'many-nth' time. (I'm not sure just how many times we have heard her.) We brought along some friends who hadn't listened to her before. They went away as refreshed as we did. Hearing again, "Read, read, read to the children; take them outside; and bake cakes with them" resonated deeply within the heart of Kip & I. It is more than a way to home school; it is a way of living.

We have implemented many of her recommendations. We have decorated with books. The highlight of our day is Reading With Daddy. We have purchased real tools for the children. We have turned off the TV and most media (at least for them). We try to praise them for their work ethic and character. (I always need reminding to do lots more of this.)

We still have more things to work on especially spending more time outside and just being comfortable in nature. (Even though we all enjoy the outdoors, I find it difficult to go outside much. Part of it lately has been how hot it has been -- whew!) .

Even though hubby recently lost his job, we were able to purchase some new books. What a huge unexpected treat! Not only are we watching each and every dime that goes out the door (let's make those savings last as long as possible), this was also the first time in a few years where there have been any books left to purchase. Most of the time the books have been sold out before the seminar has started.

In addition to books, we also brought home two Seeds CDs. (The kids were so excited about this. If you haven't listened yet, go and listen HERE. You'll be blessed.) I must confess we were somewhat persuaded by the quote, "Wear the old coat. Buy the new book." We bought these books: The Keeper of the Bees by Gene Stratton-Porter, Stephen Foster And his Little Dog Tray by Opal Wheeler, and Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie & Charles E. Roth.

I am hoping to do more nature walks and simply observe outdoors in our yard during this school year. We have already begun! Just today, we had a big snapping turtle in our creek. We verified it in our field guide. We tried to get it into a bucket. We watched it swim away and then speculated on where it's hiding. I'm thankful for our yard that has such outdoorsy, woodsy kind of atmosphere right here in the middle of the city. It is possible to go right outside our door & enjoy nature. That's good news! May we keep it up all year long -- actually, may we keep it up all of our lives long.


Click HERE for the link to Carole Joy Seid's website, but I will warn you there is not content from her seminars but mostly a schedule of where & when. You can get a little flavor of her speaking on the radio interview and hear her style.


  1. Hi, I just googled Carole Joy Seid and your blog came up in the search results. I love listening to Carole speak too! I was lucky enough to convince my hubby to come with me last time she was speaking in our area. We both really liked what she had to say. We also picked up a Seeds CD and all our children love it. Even the teenager! That's saying a lot. The teen is working on getting the worship team in our church to play one of the songs in church. The worship leader had her write an extra verse so it's a bit more "singable".

    I usually use My Father's World curriculum but since we probably won't be able to afford it for our four children this year, I think I'm going to just jump in where we left off in history and use Carole's teaching methods. I'm thankful for Carole and her "easy yoke" philosophy.

  2. Sweetpetunia -- It is so good to hear from you. I love your phrase describing Carole's philosophy as "an easy yoke" philosophy. So true.

    I have attempted to use My Father's World curriculum. They (MFW & CJS) have much overlap in their book lists & philosophy of education. I couldn't keep up the year that I tried to use MFW but we still use many treasures that were highlights when I used that curriculum. (The drawing of a Middle Eastern map from memory -- we use this ALL the time.) Our kids loved doing a Sabbath dinner the one time we did that (We used the Ancients to the Greeks). But because it stressed me out to feel so behind all the time and that she jumps around in the books -- I like to read straight through...--was hard on me.

    I have also liked the philosophy of Valerie Bendt and her unit studies -- which are also an easy yoke philosophy. Basically, encouraging me in the way that I naturally homeschool if that is possible.

    It is good to find the way & rhythm that works for each family.

    Thanks so much for commenting.

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