Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our School Room

Our school room is the dining room, the same room in which we eat all of our meals. It is a simple approach. A college friend of mine (for those that knew us in college: it was Jinna) encouraged me that we didn't need a special school room to educate our children at home. I love the look of school rooms and having wall space to put up things we're learning about or projects we've done. But because it is a central room of the house, I don't put up much school stuff to look at (unless you count the wall of books in one corner that you can see HERE .) Even so, this space works for us.

A chair at our dining room table is the place our students spend most of their time at our school.

The big windows in the dining room provide lots of natural light and a view of the stray cats and dogs from the neighborhood, some birds and butterflies, the mail carrier putting mail in the mailbox, the changing weather, and other children walking home from school.

The hard part about schooling at the dining room table is that this is also where we eat. At times it is a hassle to clear the table to eat and then start again. But to compensate I often read at lunch time before we've cleaned up the lunch mess.

When the kids are working independently, one or two will scoot off to their rooms or another area of the house so that "they can concentrate." And this is the evidence that is often left behind that readers have been here. We also read in the living room. And the highlight of the day is the evening book that Daddy reads in the living room. In the winter, everyone gets nice and cozy to listen up.

Do you have a special place that you school? Want to see how others do it? Jump on over to the Not Back to School Blog Hop to be inspired.



  1. I think a lot of homeschoolers use their kitchen table. :) We too, homeschool all over the house. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for letting me peek into your home, you have a great area to work!

  3. I am loving your big comfy chair and blankie...oh I can just imagine how sweet your time with your kiddos can be! Thanks for posting! This is life as it should be and school in the HOME!! Sending you a hug!

  4. if it works, it works - have a great school year

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the encouragement!

  6. we did our school in the dining room last year and it really wasn't too bad other than moving it when it was time to eat. I was excited to get a designated space for school but it looks like it is working great for you! thanks for stopping by my blog! :) nice to meet you!

  7. We do a lot of school in our kitchen too, I love being centrally located for school-works great. Thanks for sharing your space!


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