Friday, November 2, 2012

On the vision of legacy

These four grandchildren at Mt. Vernon in September.
Today marks seven weeks that my father-in-law has been in the hospital. Twelve or so years ago my mom was in the hospital for seven weeks. It is a really long time to be in the hospital. Seven weeks has touched three months this time -- September, all of October, and November. It was twelve years ago (i think) that my mom spent seven weeks in the hospital. We know now that she was done at seven weeks. We don't know when my father-in-law will be done.

My mom had walked around with a ruptured appendix for 10 days and then went to the hospital. My mom and my dad were snowbirding in Florida when it happened. Thousands of miles from their support center. I had two kids -- a 1 year old and a baby. Once my mom was on a rehab floor and out of the restricted floors, I came down to see my mom with my baby. With my Sophie Sunshine. My dad really wanted us to come down because he needed a distraction for my mom because she was getting depressed being in the hospital so long.

Again I  see the grandchildren having a wonderful effect on a grandparent just as Baby Sophie had on my mom all those years ago. Grandpa brightens up so much when he sees the children. He smiles big and laughs and enjoys hearing about their lives. It is a beautiful gift to watch. Though I have four children, and he is glad to see all of them. My Sophie Sunshine is the one who chatters and chatters and interacts the most. Her job to bring sunshine to the world. Grandpa loves seeing the youngest, the one who shares his middle name, especially because he has only been able to see him a couple of times.  My oldest is sensitive and kind. He has had a hard time seeing his Papa but he is brave and continue to come and see his grandfather. Meagan always says I love you Grandpa. He always responds with "I love you, too" even if his voice has been muffled behind a breathing mask or silent with a trach tube. She clings to the gift of his love.  It is beautiful and benefits  me, too.

This way of my children bring sunshine to their grandparents, it is like glimpsing the intangible legacy. It is a gift to see the delight of a legacy.

Have you found a gift in a surprising place lately?


  1. This truly is a beautiful legacy of love.

    1. It is a beautiful legacy, yet sometimes it takes really hard things -- like being in a hospital for 7 weeks and all the ups & downs that come with that -- to see the beauty. Thanks, Sarah, for affirming.

  2. Hi Kathleen, visiting from finding Heaven. Beautiful post showing how families serve one another. A child's smile always makes the world of difference.
    God bless
    (I would love for you to join in on my winsome wednesday bloghop opening tomorrow)


Thanks for being part of the conversation...I love hearing from you. Kathleen

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