Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When coca-cola made me cry...

Fulfilled Longing
He had been silent for four weeks.
 And then he spoke.

He said, "Coca-cola"
Because that's what the speech therapist told him to say.

And I cried.
I wanted to weep.
Instead tears ran down my cheeks.

He spoke. Emotion erupted from my eyes. I didn't know how much I had been longing for him to speak again. Until those tears came streaming down.

Proverbs 13:12 says:
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."

Silent tears giving testimony to a longing fulfilled. May he -- my father-in-law -- who is still in the hospital battling to clear his lungs speak ever, clearer and clearer.

* * * 
Have you been startled by the intensity of a longing fulfilled?


  1. Oh, how wonderful! Praise the Lord for his continuing recovery.

  2. Oh Kathleen, this has been such a long haul for your father-in-law and for you family. I'm so glad that you got to hear him speak, and I'm praying that he'll be speaking more and more each day.

  3. Thank you my faithful blog reader friends. Please pray for his left lung to clear that is the issue at hand now. Time is not really on our side -- may the Lord heal him.

  4. I am new here, coming via imperfect prose, so I have been catching up with your father-in-law's story. Thinking of you all, and praying for his recovery. I am struck so much by the things we take for granted, the ability to say coca-cola...

  5. Praying for him, Kathleen ... that God will help him to speak about Coca-Cola and all sorts of good things in this life. :)

  6. Very cool - Coca Cola never sounded so good indeed.

  7. Should we say... Finally, Coca-Cola serves a healthy purpose?! Honestly, though, I can imagine the joy and relief you felt at that moment so clearly by the way you described it. May there be more and more of the same.

  8. "I didn't know how much I had been longing for him to speak again. Until those tears came streaming down."
    Yes, it is like that isn't it?

  9. This is touching and uplifting Kathleen. God bless you and his recovery! :-)

  10. oh friend. i felt the intensity of this. the beautiful startling joy. and i'm praising God for this wonderful surprise. so much love...


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