Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How can I cook the chicken, when there is a world that needs saving?

There are orphans that need adopting.

And I need to thaw the chicken.

A woman fell out of her wheelchair & broke many bones. And I'm only trying to recover from a twisted knee.

There are starving children in Peru, Guatemala, and Africa. Maybe even in my backyard. 

And I'm thinking, "Thaw the chicken, so I can cook the chicken."

There is a terribly talented woman who had seven consecutive number one hits. She was only four years older than me. Didn't want to end up like another terribly talented one. But she did. So sad, the lack of peace that talent brings.

But there are thousands upon thousands who don't have the full Bible in their native tongue.

Yet,  I need to call the Emergency Room about the bill for my twisted knee. And I'm also wondering how I'm going to get rid stuff so there is simply a place for the 50 people we invited  over to our house for a  party.

And... I need to thaw the chicken.

Meanwhile, there are orphans waiting for their forever families, superstars who seemingly didn't die in peace, quiet neighbors who struggle to get by every day with basic needs, and people who need to hear about Jesus for the first time.

And all I can think is, "I need to cook the chicken. Call about the ER bill. And organize the stuff around here."

So I escape to my computer because I don't really want to cook the chicken, or call about the bill, or organize the stuff. I'm reminded about the orphans, the cruise ships, the publishing deals, the stars that have divorced or died or received 6 Grammys, and the people who need the Bible in their native tongue.

And here I am escaping from my simple responsibility of cooking the chicken. Reading blogs. Instead of cooking.

Oh, eventually I'll cook the chicken. And deliver the casserole. Hopefully on time.

There is this compelling urge that there needs to be more than cooking chicken, delivering casseroles, and rehabbing my knee. It pales in comparison with adopting orphans, and all the other service that it seems others are doing.

And yet, here I am. At the computer again. Thinking about the chicken...instead of doing what I know is right...

How will I ever be able to save the world, if I can't even cook the chicken?


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  1. Oh, Kathleen. I was up half the night last night thinking about the same things. Am I doing enough? Am I complacent? Am I making excuses? I am praying that God will speak in the next few days. I am open to his leading so pray for me and I will pray for you. My soul is stirring with all that is there to do and I, too, have to go make dinner.

  2. I love this -- so honest. And I have no answer because I ask the same questions. And I guess it just boils down to being present in the moment and seeing where God leads. Sometimes, cooking the chicken is exactly what He wants us to do.

  3. Kathleen, I think of the same things. Wondering why? Then I realize the Lord has a plan for me and sometimes it's just making as good a chicken I can and enjoying it all in Him.


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