Friday, February 24, 2012

Abrasive, admirable GRIT

When a picture has nothing to do with a post!

Grit. Has the definition of sand, gravel or abrasive particles and also firmness of character or indomitable spirit, pluck.

How I admire those who have courage to keep going and moving into unknown territories. Doing things of courage. Innovative.

Yet, another definition is abrasive. And, at times, when we have pluck it appears that we are abrasive to others. Usually unknown or uncared about. Instead of worrying about being nice and pleasant to others and doing just what everyone else would, someone with grit, with pluck, picks up and moves forth, speaks out. It is not pleasant and can be abrasive to  others.

Perhaps that is our choice to be washed over and smooth and polished stone that is pleasant. Or gritty. Someone who is overcoming the circumstances. Plucking themselves up against the sand the gravel, the unpleasant things in this life.

To overcome the grit, the abrasive things in this life we need to have a little bit of pluck. Which may be unpleasant to others but sometimes it causes us to admire them. For overcoming. We all need pluck, grit in this life.


I love 5 Minute Fridays, especially for days like today when "I don't have time" to write and haven't had time to write all week long. So here it is unedited.. Learning to write all the time, whether or not I feel like it.

Happy Friday!

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  1. May you have more grit! I speak up sometimes too much...I am learning to sometimes be polished because there are times to just listen. I like that you say abrasive isn't all bad. This behavior as you say makes others so uncomfortable. Why are we so uncomfortable with abrasive grit?


Thanks for being part of the conversation...I love hearing from you. Kathleen

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