Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Dramatic Change

Here are the before and after pictures of our second born getting her hair cut. It would have been enough inches for a Locks of Love donation but they don't take curly hair. Did you know that? So only one of us can donate hair.

It is even cuter than in person than in this picture. (I am a biased mother, you know!) It began as a project to enable her to care for her hair better on her own. And we got a really cute change in the process. Isn't it fun?

Oh, that is not a bruise on her nose but rather a hint of green color. The day before was Wacky Tacky at our AWANA clubs where the kids dress up wild and crazy. Which is the perfect opportunity for three out of four of my children to color their faces with abandon and not get in trouble. (Can you guess which one does NOT like to do that?) Except that the stuff didn't come all the way off even with lots of scrubbing.

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