Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tea, Jungle Jingles & A Memorial

What do tea and jungles and memorials have to do with each other? Well, they are what has occurred in my life in the past 24-hours. Church had a Valentine's Tea. It was good to be around other women from church who were also sad about the sudden death of a very loyal faithful church member.

It got my mind off things more than I thought. The church service was dedicated to her memory today. It was good to be together and to share memories, songs, tears and laughter. We knew the tears were only for us that we will miss her faithful loyal presence. We knew she wanted us to still have the tea and have fun. She is no longer in any pain. She is with Jesus and her husband. She lived independently and serving the Lord to the end. She lived well.

And then we (just the 6 of us -- not the whole church) went and enjoyed the play of The Jungle Book for kids. My in-laws treated. We were suppose to go last weekend. But we had our plans postponed due to illness (3 out of 6 of us were ill with a short-lived stomach bug). Instead, we enjoyed the play today. My heart is happier today.

On Friday, I didn't really share the burden of my sadness and had to bear it all by myself. I finally shared in the evening with my husband. Shared a little more on Saturday and a lot on Sunday. And bearing the burden together really did help. Thank you Lord for that.

My spirit is lighter tonight. And I am thankful for that.

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