Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Honor the Memory

The kids clamor to see what I see at Itasca State Park -- one of hubbies favorite photos. Does it look familiar? This is the location from which I took the header photo.

I have recently read the book It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. He desires for people to reframe their thinking about stuff. One thing he talks about is honoring the memory that is attached to the stuff that makes it hard to let that stuff go. Give it a place of honor.

Summer statue photos:
We are one at the Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis; the kids bi-annual photo with Paul Bunyan at a rest stop in Northern Minnesota.

And so this weekend I will begin to transform my cluttered photo table into honored memories by scrapbooking for 48 hours with a good friend away from it all. And so I begin by displaying four random photos from the last six months.

The trophies and cars from the Third Bi-Annual Jaeger Classic Derby Christmas Day Races (I think we need a longer name for this!).

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