Thursday, October 25, 2012

On root canals & mother comfort

Kip & I on the front porch of Mt. Vernon on our recent vacation.
I spoke with my mom yesterday. I told her that I had a root canal done. She said, oh is that your first one? She told me that she has had three or four done. And that she has 8-9 crowns. I'm in the process of getting my first crown for the tooth that they did the root canal on.

Why is it that I feel better now that I know my mom has also had a root canal done and has crowns? Not sure. But she still has all of her teeth and no dentures. Is it simply hope to keep my teeth? Or is it the knowing that I'm not the only one?

I know a few other friends who have also had them done. But it made me feel better knowing that my mom had had them done. Kind of like a mom hug from across the  miles.

I guess the comfort of a mother is a lifelong gift to treasure while we can.


  1. If you ever need to commiserate locally, let me know. I have had to have two and have three crowns now, I think? Not so much fun. My mom has had to have a TON of dental surgery so I'm hoping to not commiserate with her quite so much. :)

  2. We certainly do need the comfort of our moms, don't we?!

    I've had a couple of root canals...not fun, but mine weren't TOO bad.

  3. Had one. So awful. But glad your momma gave you some comfort, friend.


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