Friday, October 26, 2012

FMF: On voice

My youngest using his voice.
 On voice.
My daughter sings with a lovely voice with the Nashville Children's Choir. My father-in-law has lost his voice due to a tracheostomy. And as a wanna-be-author, I am trying to find my voice. Speaking up for those who do not have a voice.Singing with a lovely voice. Learning to communicate without a voice.

Our voice speaks. Our voice needs to be heard. We want to be heard. We want to communicate. We want to interact. Some voices are high. Some are low. Sometimes we can hear the voices but we do not understand what is being said.

Voices. Unique. A way to give thought. A way to interact. Voicing our opinions. Voice: it is important.

Whew! I haven't participated in Five Minute Friday in awhile. (Click HERE if you are interested in participating or reading other entries.) This was a hard go. But I am going to play along and hit publish after five minutes of writing with no editing. Publishing as is! Yikes!  Obviously, I need to keep practicing this exercise of writing for five minutes on a topic.

Happy Friday friends. What would you like to voice today?


  1. You're so right when you say we just all want to be heard. But sometimes it's just so hard to let yourself be heard! I find that writing helps me overcome that in a lot of ways! Loved your post! :)

    1. Allison, Writing definitely helps me figure out what it is that I want to say.

  2. I think voice in writing comes over time. You have to find the balance in your story to go with your characters. And yeah, voice in life is very important. :)

    1. Thanks, Kelly, that's a wise thought about the voice in the story balancing with the characters. I haven't heard it put that way before.


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