Friday, May 25, 2012


O precious is the flow of the sweet half-n-half. Especially when your own son biked to the store, bought it with his own money (earned from other people), and wrapped it up as Mother's Day Gift. 

Coffee is all about the half-n-half and the teasing about mommy's 'precious', a safe subject that a 13-year-old son and mom can joke about. Makes it all the more precious.

Mother's Day morning was filled with many other delights.

Every good and perfect gift is from the Father above. 

So thankful for these ones. And the extra one that has been given for me to mother for a little while 
(I took a pic with all 'five' of my kids but am posting this one due to privacy.)

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Beautiful children and Momma! What a sweet gift from your son.

    I thankful for my four children as well.

  2. That is adorable. What a cool kid. : )

  3. What a sweet gesture! You are a blessed momma. I am thankful today for a group of women to support me both face to face and virtually in this homeschooling, mothering, wife-ing life.

  4. How sweet to have kids that know what mom really likes and needs.

  5. What a fabulous gift and a very thoughtful son. So glad that you had a nice Mother's Day!

  6. haha. what an awesome gift! my son would know how important gift that would be to me too :)

  7. Target? My favorite store. Half and half? My creamer of choice too. :) Very sweet Mother's day gift!


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