Thursday, October 6, 2011


For the day my first born turned thirteen 2 1/2 weeks ago

Thirteen years.

Thirteen is an unlucky number, or so they say,

But not for me

Because thirteen years ago today

My dream came true

I became a mom

Thirteen years from now

I will be a mom whose children are all grown

How dare they come and

Change my heart, my home, my life

And fly away so soon

Yet that is their calling

And my calling too

To help them become

Who they are called to be

And in the process

It changes me

Changing diapers, making meals

Teaching fractions and phonics

To say please and thank you, too

Reading books and saying prayers

Tickles and laughter and outbursts of tempers

Theirs and mine

And I am changed

Holding their hands, holding their hearts

As they change

To become who they are called

To be

And in the process

It changes me


* * * * * * * * * * * *

How about you?

Has a recent milestone made you reflect upon your life?

And/or what advice do you have for us

for these upcoming teenage years?

* * * * * * * * ** * * *

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  1. I like it a lot, it is very know that we kids make a diffrence.

  2. Happy belated birthday to your new teenager!

  3. Great reflections on being a mom. I'm just around the corner from having a teenager...excited and apprehensive at the same time!

  4. Hey there ... lovely post. Yes, my latest post was along similar lines!! Great minds think alike :0

  5. We love having teens! I've loved all of the stages, each has its own ups and downs, Teen years bring that stage where they understand your jokes, converse at a different level, and start to build a friendship with's a good place!

  6. 13!! It will be an exciting year. I'm not ready for that at all...but at least I have 8.5 years left. =p

  7. If the next thirteen go by as quickly as the past thirteen...
    I guess time flies, and we are having fun!


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