Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding a New Groove

One of the groove busters: our MN vacation.
Here are the kids 0n Paul Bunyan's lap in Northern Minnesota

Somewhere along the way, I lost my schooling groove and my blogging groove. I am looking for them. If you find them --or any of my other good grooves, will you return them to me?

Ahhh, if it could only be that easy.

It's always harder to restart than it is to keep going, isn't it? So, why do I have such trouble remembering that? Sometimes it's a circumstance: a vacation, a sick child, a broken car, or some other time-consuming event. Then my feelings take advantage: I don't feel like it.

Another pic from our groove-busting, memory-filled vacation.

It is just like when I am running along and then... bam... there I am walking. I didn't decide to walk. But I am walking none-the-less. It is best if I take three quick steps as soon as I notice I'm walking or I may walk a long way. And so it is with my habits, I need to take quick action or it may be a long time before I'm grooving again.

Unfortunately, I did not take quick action and so I find myself today in need of lots of gumption to find the grooves of schooling and blogging.

One of the easier grooves to re-establish has been running. It hasn't been as long since I was in the groove as it has been with the others. Also, my oldest is running with me. He woke me up yesterday when I didn't hear my alarm.

So there is that, too: fresh enthusiasm from another. Always very helpful to get over a hump of inertia.

And in the running together, I have passed on a couple of tid-bits: watch your form and it's a mental game. Now, at first they were for him. But, I have found that I need to apply this mental game advice to my every day life.

Our family at our dear friends' wedding.

Most of us can get up and run -- even if it is not your method of getting a work-out. But the big part of learning to run (and a great benefit of running) is to teach your mind to direct and not your body. Decide beforehand how long you will run and how you will run. The work-outs can be slow and easy with no walking or fast and hard run with short walking breaks.

The type of run doesn't matter as much as training the body to do what your mind says and not what it feels like.

And isn't that great advice for tackling the daily details? Determine in advance what you will do in spite of what you feel like doing.

And so, I determined in advance that we will do math this week even though it is birthday week at our house (three birthdays, seven days). We will set our alarms and begin our routines. And instead of reading lots of blogs this morning, I am writing my own blog post. I need to re-establish the blogging groove somehow. Here it is.

Cute, aren't they?
At the end of our three-day camping trip in Northern Minnesota.

What are you determining to do in spite of how you feel?
Are you in a good groove?
Or, are you like me and beginning again?

P.S. Welcome to the Company Girls...I've been gone awhile...thanks for checking in on me...and for my other readers click HERE to get to know some other folks...


  1. I feel like I begin blogging again every three or so weeks. I still wonder why people stick with me since I am so scattered in posting. But, because this is how I am, I'm sticking with you rejoicing when you post, and missing you and waiting when you don't. Welcome back! We'll be here as you find your groove.

  2. How is it that you can be out of your groove and yet manage to remain so groovy?!

  3. I think my problem is that I am still looking for last year's groove and it is long gone now. This year with an almost walking boy and two schooling kids needs a new groove, instead of me trying to make this year fit into last year's box. It isn't working. : )

    Love this one. And yes, you are very groovy. : )

  4. Oh I NEEDED to read this post today! I have been struggling with some "grooves" of my own that I need to resume, like getting to bed on time and this really reminded me the that I have to base these routines on what I need, not what I feel like. Thanks :)

  5. Bible study! Exercise! Writing! I don't know why I keep skipping out of these grooves.
    OK, now will you get off my toes?? :)
    (I'm here from Company Girls. Glad you are back.)

  6. Be encouraged this weekend :-) You have a beautiful family, and I look forward to seeing you get your "groove" back!

  7. Awesome post and reminder! I have been out of a good many grooves since the hot days of summer...time to return. Have a great week of celebration!

  8. Hey, we have three birthdays in 8 days at our house (5 birthdays in 27 days, and 6 birthdays in 46 days...then Jadon's birthday is 6 months later!). Blessings to you in this birthday season.

  9. what good looking kiddies you have! nice to meet you. Visiting from Home Sanctuary :)

  10. It's always taking that first step, isn't it? And it's almost always mental too, huh? Good luck to you as you re-establish your routines and find your *groove*. Good for you with the running. . .I need, in the worst way, an exercise routine to follow. Currently our schedule doesn't all for anything "regular" unless it's early, early morning. Again, like you just said, I need to get my mind before my body!! Glad to see you back here :)

  11. So true, so true. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.


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