Friday, April 1, 2011

A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things: sunshiny days, my four children smiling, dancing with my husband in the kitchen, a full refrigerator. These are just a few of my favorite things.

Unplanned days, birds singing, the sunset over a lake.

Great conversation with old friends that really know you. Music that inspires me to create something of my own. That stirs the creativity in me.

New friends. Discovering new stories. Bible studies. Flowers. Easy going friends with loving expectations of me (which means that I can meet them. )

Being finished with a hard thing. The sweet, reward after a hard labor -- whether it is the end of a run, finishing teaching a lesson, or making that difficult phone call.

Cozy blankets on a cool day. Iced coffee in the shade on a hot day.

Digging deep into the Bible, sharing what God is teaching us day by day. These are a few of my favorite things. This topic: a few of my favorite things causes me to write in fragments & not sentences.

Pens, pencils. Time to think. A slow, leisurely pace with no missed deadlines.

Moments where I am all in the moment of where I am. Not thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. When I fully live in the moment, that is definitely a favorite thing.

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This is part of the Gypsy Mama's Five Minutes on Friday -- to write for five minutes where it doesn't need to be right. I thought I had time for at least that this week.

Also linking up with Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary for Company Girl Coffee.

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What are some of your favorite things?


  1. I'll give an AMEN to all of your favorites. :) Especially fully living in the moment. Such a struggle for me, but always such a gift! Your children are beautiful :)

  2. I love moments. They were not here just moments ago, and are gone moments later. I love a full refrigerator, too. Right after grocery shopping, I love to see items touch right to the shelves' edge.

  3. thank you for sharing your appreciation for all the little things. we all need that, and a reminder is sometimes just what i need to kick myself back into appreciation!

  4. Piping hot baths with a good book, quiet time all to myself and an ice cold Diet Coke along with a delicious piece of chocolate! Ahhh!

  5. Thanks for sharing all the little blessings in your life. Some times we miss the little miracles because we spend too much time looking for the the big blessing. Hope you have an awesome week!

  6. Hi Mrs. Jaeger, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I enjoyed reading your post. I love to discover new stories as well, and being finished with a hard thing is definitely one of my favorites. I also like your choice of flowers in the flower photo. I love their pink and lavender colors!

  7. Living fully in the moment is definitely a favorite! I loved your list and you have a beautiful family:)


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