Friday, January 28, 2011

In the Middle of a Five Mile Run

In the middle of a five mile run I am a crazy woman and I think crazy thoughts.

I think, "I could run forever because I feel so good."

I think, "Sugar? Who needs it. I'm done with it forever."

Then as I huff and puff at the end of my run, I wonder when it will be done. Will I ever finish? I slug it out. I do finish. (See? I'm not still running but rather writing a blog post).

Soon after I am home, I find that brownie. You know that brownie, full of sugar, that I could take or leave for the rest of my life during my run?!?

Usually those wild ideas happen in the middle of the run but last week they followed me home. As I looked into the bathroom mirror, I thought, "Wow. My waist already looks smaller." (I am only three weeks or so into my new determination to exercise.) Since I had already stopped moving, reality hit much sooner: I may have lost a few pounds but we can't see it yet.

How do such preposterous ponderings gain such credibility in my mind? A myriad of ideas fall into my mind throughout the day -- whether or not I'm running -- but it's those five mile run thoughts that get me convinced. Those are the ones I believe.

Then, it comes as a shock: I am surprised that it's hard to finish the run. (Didn't I just think: I could run forever?). I am tempted so mightily to eat a brownie. (Wait...I thought I gave that up forever?) My stretch jeans fit snugly. (How can this be? I looked smaller!)

It's as if the five mile run almost makes me believe it. Not three or two miles. Not one. Not six or seven. But it is the five mile run thoughts that get the most credit. Is this part of the runner's high? Or some other strange phenomena?

What do you think? Do you have crazy five mile run thoughts? Perhaps somewhere else besides a five mile run?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I can relate to how you mean. I don't weigh myself much anymore..just as a marker. I found that I could lose sizes in clothes and still not be dropping tons of pounds. Toning up is what I am doing. The weight is coming off gradually....I am in no hurry. I want to feel good.
    As for the brownine thoughts?? I am such a chocolate tastes so good!!
    Blessings on your day and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today for company coffee time!

  2. Well, I am sure impressed! The thought of running 5 miles just makes me hurt all over. I'm a walker, try to walk 2 miles on the treadmill 4-5 days a week and then do some stretching and small weight exercises. Works for me! :o)

    Enjoyed stopping by today!

  3. Hehe...I JUST started exercising this week....using a dvd by Leslie's a walking dvd...I thot after too many years to count since I've exercised that it would be a gradual way to start out....had some of the same thots as you though....funny how our minds like to convince us of these things!

  4. Usually in the shower before going to bed, I think, "I could get up early. And exercise. And have a quiet time. And throw dinner in the crock pot. All before The Short One wakes up." Riiiight....
    And then in the morning? I think, "I can get another hour of sleep before The Short One wakes up!"

    The running thing doesn't work for me of late (pregnancy puts a damper on running), but I hope to take it up - and succeed with it - one of these days ... like after July.

  5. Hmmm, I am a relatively new runner and have only made it to 3 1/2 miles so I am not sure. My thoughts while running are...Oh, I hope I do not die and leave the children without a mother! Then I totally eat M&M's to reward myself for living!

  6. i've not necessarily had these thoughts right at 5 miles, but I think it's telling that we can have thoughts that inspire us to be better all while are we are doing things that are truly good for us!

  7. uhhh...I'm pretty sure that in the middle of a five mile run I'd be thinking, "help!"

  8. When and if I ever run five miles at one time, I'll let you know my thoughts in the middle of it. =p I have never been a runner, don't mind walking too much, but my brother got us running shoes for Christmas (might be a hint) so I guess we better get started. Not tomorrow though because it's raining. =p

  9. What a fun response to the running thoughts. Some of my responses to you:

    Secondofwett: I use Leslie Sansone DVDs too. I really enjoy them.

    CindyC: yes! I have those same crazy thoughts about how I"m going to get all done by 10 a.m. & then when morning comes I just want to sleep longer!!

    OneMoreEqualsFour: This comment made me laugh out loud! I love being rewarded for living by M-n-Ms!!

    Jen: what great insight that when doing what is beneficial we think of other good things to be doing -- it's the upward spiral

    Thanks to all who have stopped by to comment!


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