Friday, December 3, 2010

Giving Away Her Hair

Once upon a time there was a young lady who had beautiful long hair.

She decided to cut off 8 inches and give it to another child who needs it. She has done this once before. She had long hair, cut it off, grew it out, and now she is cutting it off again.

Her hair sure grows fast.
This is the second time she has undergone this transformation. And it wasn't that long ago that she did this.

Here it is the big cut and the beautiful girl who now has beautiful short hair.
The hair is different, the same lovely lady underneath.

This transformation actually took place in early July.
She wanted me to post this on the blog and here I am getting around to it;
her hair is longer now but at least she isn't ready for another donation!


  1. What a sweet young lady. Awesome that she is such a giver at such a young age. :)

  2. Beautiful girl...beautiful heart.

    Yana and Lily donated their hair about a year ago. Lily's hair (which is straight) is down to the middle of her back and she's ready to donate again. But, I think that it will be a long time before Yana's hair (which is curly) is long enough to donate!


  3. Stopping by for some Company Girl Coffee and scrolled down to see this. That is awesome of your daughter! I've donated 3 times, and will be doing it again soon!! (after I said I was done) You can read my story here:


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