Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here and I didn't really have anything to do with it. Oh, perhaps you could say I had one teeny-tiny thing to do with it. You must not blink, though, or you just might miss it.

While I was scrubbing the bathroom floor (on a Sunday afternoon), I could hear my husband strum a guitar. He was playing some music while he waited. I didn't know he was waiting for me. He didn't know I was cleaning.

(I don't usually work at all on Sundays much less start deep-cleaning projects so why I felt compelled to get on my hands and knees to scour the bathroom tile is hard to say -- except that it was WAY over due and that I had folks coming over on Monday. But, I didn't really remember that I had company coming before I started disinfecting. At some point the dirt simply screams to be eliminated and I oblige. But I digress.)

So, while I am scrubbing the bathroom tile, the Hubby finally comes to find me instead of just waiting. He asks if I want to set up the Christmas tree. I say, "Sure."

And that was the extent of my involvement.
That is all I did. I said, "Sure."

This is a true statement.

The Hubby and Sweet Number Three -- who is nine -- brought all the boxes down from the attic. Then, while the Hubby and I were discussing where to displace the trunk that lives in the corner so that we could put the tree in the same spot as last year, the Youngest ran by us and said in a loud voice, "Don't look in the living room or the dining room."

Hmmmm. Could they really do this all by themselves? The Youngest came by again, delivering the same message, "Don't look in the living or dining room."

But the Hubby, who has always been in charge of setting up the tree, had had to modify the tree last year. He needed to go help. He couldn't just let them do it. (He is not, by the way, a control freak. He just wanted to prevent Disasters of Much Greater Harder Work for us later on.) He walked to the living room. The Twelve-Year-Old First Born Son said, "You made a diagram last year, dad. It's clear. I'm following your instructions."

They had moved the trunk from the corner. This capable young man, who builds all-of-the-time, was doing just fine. They were all working together, pleasantly. The Firstborn said, "We'll do this. Put your feet up. "

And so we did.

The Hubby made popcorn. I made hot cocoa. We sat down on the couch, drank cocoa, ate popcorn, and watched the children do all the decorating, including the lights. After we sipped our last sip, we drifted off to a quick cat-nap.

I was thrilled because I had wanted a nap and I wasn't really up for decorating the house. (Though I had been up for scrubbing bathroom tile? As the Hubby said when he found me cleaning on a Sunday afternoon, "You are a strange creature.") But things are a-changing around here. The children really are helpful and able to do. And I was able to nap.

So on Sunday: The children set-up the tree, the nativity scene, the outdoor lights, and the various Christmas knick-knacks around the house. The Hubby strummed a little guitar. I removed the dirt from the bathroom and kitchen floor. (The kitchen floor mopping came after the Christmas decorations and before the movie.) The Hubby & I took naps. We all watched Prince Caspian, which I had checked out from the library. (Which was another first, by the way, because usually the DVDs from the library are so scratched up they simply just do NOT play.)

Life is changing around here. It's not all bad. Actually, it is quite good and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, too.


  1. How fun for you all to get to sit and watch. (It was sort-of like that here ... mostly because I sat and fed the baby while they put up the tree). : )

  2. Maybe they could come to my house and put up the outdoor lights! We just can't seem to get oursevles organized enough to do it!


  3. I don't know, it just seems a bit too easy. Maybe it's a plot. You know, "We'll let them get USED to having us do stuff around here, and then we'll Move Out!"

  4. Steph, I think there have been Christmases where I watched as I nursed a baby, too, but if you were able to watch the whole thing. That's cool. I don't think that I was permitted the luxury.

    Sarah, My kids are available for they told their Grandma & Grandpa...but the expense of getting them to you probably isn't worth it on your end. And I would have to come along as a chaperone so I could visit you, too.

    Hubby, yes it does seem like a plot....but once they move out...there will be less dirt on that bathroom floor, right?

  5. Your children are just precious! Love your hubby's comment. haha Sounds like a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Wow! How wonderful to have your Christmas decorating done for you while you relaxed on the couch with some hot cocoa and popcorn. It's like a dream. Ha.

  7. Oh, goodness...our tree sat for a whole week with nothing on it and just today hubby put the lights I have to find the energy(which is strangely missing these days) to put on the garland..then the kids can fight over the best spots to put their ornaments....can I have your kids?

  8. Yes Mr.Hubby,that is the idea!!!

    "eek eek,O no,aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggg"**

    *evil laughter
    ** you

  9. I love ya sooooo Much(I Love your Post) Meagan

  10. thanks for the comments,mom!
    it was fun.
    (but that does`nt mean were going to do it again.
    but who knows...?)
    love ya!
    p.s.since we put every thing up,maybe you guys should take it all down!:-) bye now! xoxoxoxo


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