Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sailing on a Sea of Saturdays

We've been sailing on a Sea of Saturdays since mid-July. There have been some becalmed seas and a few rough patches. But for the most part it has been sunny, smooth sailing.

This Sea, this Sea of Saturdays, what is this sea of which I speak? It is the Unemployed Life. And Why a Sea of Saturdays? Because for days and days and days on end (or at least so it seemed) as we'd round the bend toward evening, we'd think, "Okay, now who still needs a bath before church tomorrow? "And then we'd realize, "Oh, wait...it's not Saturday. It just seems like Saturday because Daddy has been home the whole day. Again." Sigh.

Now, we've graduated from thinking every day is Saturday to trying to remember it's the night to Take The Garbage To The Curb. Who knew that this could be such a difficult thing? Not I! We haven't got our bearings. And so. we are only getting the garbage out to the curb every other week.

Oh, to find our bearings on this Uncertain Sea of Saturdays is not found in asking these questions: Where will we land? How long will it take to get there? How many storms will we go through? They only lead to...well...Uncertainty.

Even though I would rather not be here and am eagerly looking forward to stretching my land legs on some job ashore, I do know that there is One Who is Certain about the future. It is He Who Has Been Providing for us for 171/2 years on land and for 3 months at sea. Things are Uncertain but He is not.

So while we wait to hear "Land Ho," I'm wishing you & yours:

Happy Sailing,


  1. Oh, Kathleen! I didn't know you had a blog. You have such a way with words. I quickly perused through a few posts...I'll have to catch up this winter. I really need to be writing my boot camp workout for tomorrow...so, Happy Saturdays. I know my cousin is fun to be around, so I hope that makes for fun days for you all. Notwithstanding, being unemployed is no fun...

  2. Ahoy!
    Aawww thanks for the nice words, Darla!
    And Kath, there's no one I'd rather ship out with than you, my First (and only) Mate!
    - Cap'n Hubby, USS McGooger


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