Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friendship & Forts

Our friends were here. And they took this photo of their daughter coming down out of our new tree fort. (Our personal favorite of all the photos.)

Instead of traveling to MN for our annual summer vacation, we stayed home and hubby built a fort. Well, we didn't stay home to build a fort -- per se -- but to make the savings last as long as possible. But the fort would not have been built had we gone on a long road trek & kept at the usual bluster working-schooling-every-day-plus-every-minute-of-every-weekend-filled pace. Fort building has been a stress reliever for hubby during his job quest. Friends coming to visit refreshed all of us.

Our friends stayed with us for three days.

Warm sunny days and cool nights with friends that made it a priority to visit us. I mean really visit: to simply hang out and BE with us. With whatever we were doing or needed to do. Just so very delightful. And filled my love tank very much. We had long lingering conversations. Children that played well together (no tears until that last night!). We roasted s'mores and the four girls had a sleep-over in the tent in the backyard. (It rained a little in the morning. They were troopers and enjoyed running around the yard despite the chilliness.)

Their seven year old taught the whole lot of ours how to sew. My nine-year-old is thrilled! I did not realize that she had been yearning to sew!

After the sewing lessons, they mended clothes that had been on my to-mend-pile for quite some time. Who knew? It had never occurred to me to show them how to sew on a button or to mend a tear in one of their favorite pieces of clothing and thereby helping me to get rid of that stack! They mended their own stuff. In record time (except that it had been sitting around for a long time and some of which no longer fit them! Does that make it record time?) Sometimes it takes a seven-year-old to help you out.

The men went running. The women walking. We went out to eat Mexican. The adults ate ice-cream after the children went to bed. We delivered a meal to a friend that just had a baby. They read tons of the books on my shelves. How fun to have some folks devour books quicker than I do on subjects that I enjoy. It really couldn't get much better than all this!

Thanks friends.

I hope everyone will enjoy such a dose of 'being' time as we did this fall break.



  1. Kath,
    We sure missed the trip to MN. We are so glad that you are enjoying your fort. The sewing idea sounds so cool. Looking forward to seeing you over Thanksgiving. Smiles from Chicago...

  2. Looks like the perfect staycation Kathleen! And you have A-dorable kiddos :)
    love to you all,


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