Monday, June 14, 2010


We have a piano! If I had a digital camera **UPDATE ** But I do have a film camera, ***, I would take a picture *** and I took a picture, developed it, put it on a CD (at the store)*** and post it here. ** and uploaded it so now here it is.*** But I don't, so I will have to paint the pictures with words. *** (Still glad I painted the picture with words, too.)***

We unloaded the piano into our home at 10 p.m. last night. And this morning, melodic piano sounds grace my ears. Yes, melodic sounds. Simple melodies and pretty sounds are floating in our home. One child is plucking out songs on it (the one I thought would be least interested in it) and the other two are playing their recorders from their music class a year ago. Delightful! (They inherited Daddy's musical-ness. I love and enjoy music, too, but Daddy has a more natural 'ear'. )

A week ago, I mentioned to my mother-in-law that we would like to have a piano. And then a week later she calls again. The piano that they had had in their living room years ago and sold to a friend is putting in carpet next Wednesday and was interested in selling this same piano and would we like it?

My husband was out of town. His plane arrived late. I mention it to him at 11 o'clock on Saturday night and twenty-four hours later, we have a piano in our front room. Much to his chagrin. He thought he would be able to relax after a week-long business trip. Instead, he served us (like he so very often does). Thanks hubby.

Thanks to the in-laws, my hubby, the sellers' son-in-law and a friend, we have a piano in our home.

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  1. Kathleen,
    Returning your visit from my blog, via The Simple Wife. I was so encouraged by your comment that that A Severe Mercy is one of your top books. I've had it on my to-read list for years, and have just now started reading it; so far, so good!

    Looking at your flood pics, too. Wow. We live near the Huntsville area and several from our church have been back and forth to Nashville to help with flood relief. It's been a blessing each time.

    Hope you enjoy your piano. I "inherited" my family's old piano when my parents no longer wanted it, and I have LOVED having it in my house for 8 years now. A huge blessing to pour out my heart in music. God is so good.



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