Monday, May 3, 2010

A Challenge of April --Blogging from A to Z

The day before April started, I saw a comment on Rachelle Gardner's blog about a blogging challenge. I linked over to Arlee Bird's blog who challenged folks to blog Monday-Saturday for the month of April which would include 26 days -- one for each letter of the alphabet. I had just been thinking that I needed to be more committed to this thing called a blog so in spite of a full calendar, I dived in to this everyday blogging challenge.

I began with the thought that I could do this even going out of town a couple of times. Write a few posts at a time and then merely make sure they post every day. Ha-ha! It could be said that I failed greatly since I entered 9 posts in the month of April. That falls quite short from the stated 26. BUT, I probably entered 9 more posts than I would have without the challenge.

I have learned how fun it is to have some new followers and followers that comment! Thank you Arlee, Ellie, Lisa, Melody, Deborah Ann,...and others. I know now how fun it is to make cyber friends. And thanks to all my In Real Life friends who have also commented (either here in the blog (Steve, Kristi, Steph & others) or have shot me an email -- like my dad)!!

I have also learned that I write better blog posts on a spiral bound notebook --- far away from computer land where distractions are too many to count.

It takes commitment to write--blogging or not. The writer's life requires a commitment to writing in the midst of baseball games, illness, historic flooding, missionary friends that we hadn't seen in five years, dance classes and homeschooling and being a wife and an aunt and a sister, family crisis 900 miles away where my heart is most of the time, ministry challenges in our church, teeth being lost (by normal growing children). It is easy to excuse NOT writing; it is much harder to be committed to writing and developing the gift in the midst of life.

These are the thoughts of a writer who could look like they failed but have NOT. For I am writing still and will continue...I press on.

Love, Kathleen


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge.
    It was fun, I enjoyed it. Thanks for the visits.

    Take care.

  2. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration. Write on!

  3. Great job and a great attitude! It was nice "meeting" you here in blog land. I'll continue to stop by and hope you will do the same. :)

  4. Nine is definitely better than none! Great attitude you've got there. I hope you apply it to everything in your life! ;)

    Don’t miss out on my contest!

  5. I'm glad you joined in! You are so right that it requires a commitment to writing even at the times you don't want to. I'm working on that too... even if blogging is my only writing at the moment.

  6. Progress is progress, whether it's nine or 26. You've accomplished something. Cheers!


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