Tuesday, April 6, 2010

D is for Derby Races

D is for Derby Races or another crazy Jaeger tradition. Who else celebrates Christmas by racing pine wood blocks transformed into cars? Every other year we celebrate Christmas in Tennessee with hubby's family. At the past three gatherings, we have raced pine derby cars.

At the beginning of the Christmas weekend, each willing participant (not all participate) receives a box with a block of pine wood to transform into a racing car. It is cut, painted, wheeled, weighed, and entered into the contest. We have a double elimination tournament, a 30-foot track, an official car starter, a flag ceremony,

a line judge, and a

head race official and master of tournament, weight qualifications, judges for the most creative, lots and lots of fun and...

.... trophies.
Because there are trophies, there are

show car winners and

the speed winners of the race. Yes, that is me in the middle. The second place trophy is on my book shelf in my dining room. (Yes, there are bookshelves in the dining room and almost every room of the house.) My brother-in-law Klay deserves the credit for my place since he helped me with every aspect of building my car named Moo-Moo. Thanks Klay! And thanks to all my fun Crazy Jaeger relatives for the great memories!


  1. That's a fun tradition. : ) And sounds very Jaeger-ish!

  2. How fun, you guys go all out..love that!

  3. Thanks Steph & Ellie -- it has been very fun to marry into such a fun Jaegerish family.


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