Thursday, November 6, 2014

10 Lessons of October 2014

10 Things I Learned in October 2014

1) I miss my family more than I realize. While hanging out with my mom, my sister, & my niece during their October visit, I realized afresh how much I miss all of my family. Just because I've adapted to the gap, does not mean the gap isn't there.

2) Huge beach balls, bubbles, and confetti all contribute to the art of celebration. Thanks to the Rend Collective concert and the reminder that we need to be intentional about celebration in our lives.

3) Trick or treating for teenagers is much more fun with friends.

4) I am inspired by high school debaters. They give me great hope for the next generation.

5) Sometimes when I am compelled to lead a Bible study, it isn't about some great work that God will do through me. Instead it is about a message that God has for me,  the Bible study leader. Right here.  Right now. The study is Stronger: Finding Hope in Fragile Places by Angela Thomas.

6) I have thoroughly underlined the book Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown. One among many insights gleaned and embraced is the fact that it is okay if I need to grieve differently than other people. I don't need to wait until everyone feels the same as me. I can do what I need to grieve even if it means this extrovert needs to do some of it alone.

7) As my sister shared some of her struggles as a single mom due to the death of her husband four years ago, I realized afresh we never know someone else's story and how they got where they are. I know her story; I have great admiration for how she lives out her path. However, when she shared some of her story, I realized that I needed to have more compassion on people when I don't know their story. It is a reminder that it is easy to judge by appearances.

8) I am learning afresh how much that I like to write. My Wednesday evenings have changed and I am taking the opportunity to write. I love it.

9) After one year on Facebook, I realize that more of my on-line time has gone to Facebook instead of reading and writing blog posts. Is this good or bad? Or the way that I want it to be? Not sure. But it is the reason why I have posted even less over the past year.

10) I am learning right now that I would really like lists to have 10 items even when I can't think of things that I have learned.

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  1. I love listy posts. : ) Glad you had a great visit with your family - what a treat. : )

  2. Hi, New here from Chatting at the Sky. I just noticed your latest post and decided to check it out. I love # 6. I was just talking with hubby this weekend (death anniversary of my brother 9 years ago ) and how I keep feeling i "should" be used to this by now. I have heard of Brene Brown's writings , but haven't read her. I will order the book. Sounds just like what I need to read next.

  3. I love this link up at Emily's... and I'm so glad I stopped by! There is so much truth here... and so many things that I love as well (Brene Brown... enough said!) Great post!

  4. Wow, I can really relate to the teacher becoming the student when leading a Bible study. Can't wait to check out the one you mentioned. Nothing I love better than Bible study. Your #10 made me laugh. Is that a reason why people like us need Brene Brown's book? :)

  5. Love your "top ten!"
    I can relate to so many
    things here, especially
    the Facebook comment : )

    On the radio today, someone
    said that teens are "kids in
    adult bodies," and that we
    needed to recognize that
    as we interact with them.
    So true, whether it's bible
    study or trick or treating!

    xo Suzanne


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