Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An overflowing life

Isn't it funny how saying...wow look at all that I am blogging now...can just shut the blog posts from coming?!? Or could it be...that since I last posted, I have driven to and from

5 choir concerts

and 1 piano recital

1 choir rehersal

2 piano lessons

2 birthday parties

attended an Adoption Party

driven to AWANA

taught Worldview, Pre-Alegebra, Fractions, Not Equal & Equal, phonics, spelling

read aloud King Arthur and
work with the kids on how-to-play Chess unit study

been to visit my father-in-law in the hospital several times

written caring Bridge updates, called the hospital, 

had my contacts checked

had friends over for lunch

exchanged children for sleep-overs

had a 13 year-old's birthday party where my nails got done in a painting contest 
(and we had girls sleep-over, while the boys slept somewhere else)

and worked feverishly to finish my first digital on-line scrapbook, which I did 
& I ordered it to use my first-everGroupon

but it wasn't the project that I've been working, working, working on: which is 
2012: the year of Nutzo on Steroids in a photo album
only 969 photos on 78 digital pages that I am trying to condense into something affordable

i've also been directing each Sunday an Advent celebration for our small church
with the children in grades 2-9

that's all that I have been doing
instead of blogging 
or Christmas shopping 

What kind of craziness has come your way this December? 

may God's grace cover all



  1. Is that all??? Ha. The concert was fabulous. Loved it, Sophie. :) I've been going from work to party to... well, just on the go constantly this month. Except for last Saturday when I discovered I had nothing scheduled and cocooned at home and did very little all day long. I even blew off grocery shopping and Christmas shopping. Ah, the single life. :)

    1. When I have down-time, I find that I want to nap or do very little. I think it is in response to the busyness. This weekend has only 7 events from from Friday to Sunday. Whew!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful, busy December! We've been spending our month getting ready to go to China...just 13 more days!

    1. I'm soooo excited for you to go to China and pick up your new little one!


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