Saturday, August 25, 2012

What we did last weekend

We needed to work. We didn't really feel like working. So we wore hats.
On Saturday morning, I awoke to a hubby who had mapped out our upcoming days. We've been so busy, we've barely had a moment to talk. Our children love to tell us stories & show us things, which is delightful. But it also makes it very difficult to have a conversation, much less plan. So the hubby had the brilliant idea to make sure the kids each had something to do. Then, he taped off the area with a reminder not to disturb us.     

Sometimes it is just a simple sign that works. Our oldest thought we were quite silly and had to take pictures. What he didn't know is that he read my mind. I had wanted pictures taken and he took care of that without being asked.

Does this happen at your house? The ranch dressing fell out of the fridge onto the floor. The youngest rushed to put cones around the scene of the accident.

Last weekend was really quite ordinary. Yet, when we added some hats and construction cones, it spiced things up a bit. It was almost like underscoring our lives with music as if we were in a movie. Almost. I did say almost.

What's up with your weekend -- either last weekend or this one? What will be underscoring your weekend? Spills and plans? Hats and cones?
Here's hoping you have a good one.


  1. Glad you shared this. It was quite funny and brought a smile.

    I never got around to thanking you for your prayers for our daughter. I'm still digging out from the last 6 months. Anyway, thank you very much for praying for Bethany. It really means a lot to me and the prayers are what have gotten us through. THANK YOU!!!!

    Praising Him,

  2. Ah yes! A hat makes everything better. Reminds me of a Fryin Pan outing. Missing y'all.


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