Monday, March 19, 2012

When you give your six-year-old a camera

When you give your six-year-old a camera, you have a unique chance to see things from his perspective. 

Such as what the back of everyone's head in your family looks like:

You might learn that you have always thought of your daughter's hair as curlier than your own but discover that yours just might be curlier, at least is was this night!

When you give your six-year-old a camera, you'll see which creations are important to him to remember such as a castle from building block time:

Or a tangram creation that he made:

You can see what he sees when he looks down.

And perhaps more than one:

I won't share ALL of the pictures of his foot that he took. But  I will tell you that he liked to look at the pictures go by quickly and laugh at  his dancing foot.

He might take pictures of people that he loves, like his mommy:

And his daddy:

And himself. He usually looks sweet like this:

But be prepared. Because when you give your six-year-old a camera, you just might end up with this:

How about you? Have you seen anything from a new perspective lately?

Love, Kathleen

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  1. So cute. I haven't' seen anything from a six year old's perspective in a long time!

  2. ha ha! love this. very unique perspective.

  3. We have some interesting video from James. The random, disjointed moving about from thing to thing seems to be a unique look into the mind of a 7 year old.

  4. I might be biased because of John's profession, but cameras in kids hands are a unique perspective to thier minds! I encourage people all the time to give thier kids a camera esp when traveling. They love to show "thier" vacation photos, and you will be suprised and amazed to see what they feel was special enough about a trip to capture. We gave Joshua a camera on a trip to Florida and a cruise, we came home with, among other things, 72 photos of alligators, one for each one we saw, and a photo of a sidewalk. I asked about the sidewalk, and sure enough, one of the rocks was a beetle. :) Keep encouraging him to snap away!

  5. once again, it showed me as anonymous, I will have to start signing my name! :)
    Christi Brose

  6. I didn't get here for this round of SDG blogs, but glad that I found this this morning. So cute --

    Often times I so need a new perspective. Going out with a camera to find beauty usually sets me straight again.


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