Monday, January 9, 2012

The telling tales of where our pockets have been

I Spy...
...paper clips that try to hold my many scattered papers together...
...a string of fake, pink pearls to decorate the throat of a princess or a bride...
...a safety pin or two to make the capes of superheroes ..
...a police badge helps to capture pirates running through our halls

I Spy...
... something red and stretchy: an extra hand that I can always use... from the pockets of explorers in frontier lands...
...beads, and shells, and buttons for creative inventions and gifts...

I spy earplug or two: the attempt for quiet in this loud and sticky life...
...a sparkly flower to brighten our day while we wait for spring....
...a dime & a nickel: tips that a laundry lady will be grateful for indeed...

I spy
...bits and pieces of my life
Telling tales of where our pockets have been
Now tumbled out
Washed and dried
Now in a laundry jar
Forgotten, misplaced

Mixed together
Tiny tools and treasures
Taking things that
Don't belong together
Not quite in the place they're meant to be
Except that they're in
My washer, my life

The superheroes, the princesses,
The treasures of explorers
The many scattered thoughts
Mixed up, not belonging together
Except that they are here

In my life

* * * *

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  1. This is simply beautiful Kathy:} Thank you for stopping by my place and for joining SDG {maybe you've been around a while?} I absolutely loved the real, true sweetness and beauty of this your life:}

  2. What a beautiful post, Kathleen! What a creative, wonderful way to look at the lost treasures of the laundry. I think about such things when I'm trying to find something in my purse. One day there won't be pieces of costumes, doll shoes, half eaten suckers, in my purse. And I will miss them.
    What a blessed life you have!

  3. Abby & Gaby -- thanks for stopping by.

    Gaby-- I was actually inspired about the laundry jar because of stuff found in my purse. I had used stuff in purse as an example in a talk that I gave to a MOPS group. It went over well. And bled into this post.

  4. This is beautiful -- bringing all these eclectic things together and seeing the picture of love.

  5. So that's where my earplugs went...

  6. What a lovely take on all the 'stuff' that we find laying around! I also am an earplug girl...lots of them turn up in unexpected places :)


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