Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A persistent pink petunia

In the potted plants on my patio there lives a persistent pink petunia. It insists on growing and blooming without any assistance from me, a newbie gardener.

I purchased a bunch of flowers late this spring. I potted them. I arranged them all nice and neat and pretty. I placed the pots along the fence where I park the van. Each time I would enter and leave the drive way, I enjoyed the pretty flowers.

Soon I noticed one pot with a pink petunia in it. I thought, "How pretty" and "My how it has grown." Then, I realized that I didn't purchase any pink petunias this year! This one must have grown from last summer's crop.

There were two pots which I didn't use but didn't take the time to empty out last year's dirt. Besides, one of them had some kind of white flowers growing in it. So I set them aside to deal with later-- which turned out to be not at all.

But the code of the seed planted in the dirt worked in spite of me. Now when all the other petunias have died away and there are only vincas left in the pots, there is a pretty pink petunia with several flowers on its stem.

I benefit not only from the beauty of the flower but also from the message of persistence. It follows the code placed inside of it by the Lord. He who began a good work inside the seed of the flower has also begun a good work inside of me that He will complete -- even in spite of me -- if He needs to.

I see it every time I get in and out of my car -- the pretty pink persistent petunia. Thank you Lord.

Inspired from the pages of my journal dated September 4, 2008
and also from Philippians 1:6

Also linking up with Jen at Finding Heaven for the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood. Check it out for more inpsiration.

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Have you ever been inspired by a lesson in nature?


  1. I love when things bloom and grow despite me -- either my over-controlling or inability to spend time cultivating it. It reminds me of His ever-present grace that is always in bloom.

  2. Jen, I like that -- "His ever-present grace that is always in bloom." Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a cool analogy you drew from the persistent petunia! I never would have made such a connection but now I will look differently at my lilly that keeps coming back year after year even though the dog keeps peeing on it :)

  4. Kathleen, thanks for stopping by! I look forward to perusing your blog. You have a beautiful family! I'm your latest follower. :)

  5. I love volunteers! I especially love walking along mountain trails, finding the tiniest flowers springing up, realizing they would still be there even if no one hiked the trail. But God knows every petal on each one He planted.

  6. I love the story of your persistent petunia! He does so much in spite of us, doesn't He?

  7. Kathleen, what a wonderful insight about the seed and God's continuing work in us! I missed this post when you published it in May, but am very glad I found it at last.


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