Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cheery thoughts on a rainy day

Spring flower offerings from my lovely offspring.

Encouragement comes from unexpected places at times. A few days ago I read these lines:
Mrs. Kelly was stout and gentle. She was like a large anxious dove. She was different from Betsy's mother who was slim and red-headed and gay. Betsy's mother knew how to scold as well as to laugh and sing. But Tacy's mother never scolded.
from Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace
These matter of fact descriptions about two different mothers cheered my heart about my own mothering. Good mothers come in different shapes and sizes. They look different. Some are gentle, anxious, non-scolding mothers. And some scold but also laugh and sing.

I asked my daughter which mother I was like and she said Betsy's mother. And it helped me embrace some of my mothering strengths -- laughing and singing. And not to stress so much about the scolding that I do. I prefer not to scold and am working on that. But it doesn't negate the strengths.

I thought what cheered me may cheer some of you. Enjoy!


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  1. Best possible mother for four of the best possible kids...
    - Hubby


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