Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Uncle, A Flood & Other May/June Highlights

May 1 & 2: Flooding of Historic Proportions

May 4: Dance Recital

May 7: Visit with Friend from Croatia

May 9: Mother's Day with home-made cards & breakfast in bed

In honor of An Uncle: May 16th
(our lives interrupted from May 13-June 2nd)

My husband trekked to & from Minnesota solo with four children for the funeral & visitation of our brother-in-law/uncle. Inspired by the photo boards at the visitation, Assistant Mom suggested imitating the pose of a photo of their uncle with Babe the Big Blue Ox of Paul Bunyan fame.

June 13: Piano Acquisition

Culmination of a Great Baseball Season (late February-mid June):
Sportsmanship & All-star Awards June 19 Award Ceremony

Friends who came to visit. June 19-20

Everyday drama & fun that happens at our house.

Jaeger Cousin Lollapalooza: June 24-30
7 great kids + 6 over-90-degree Tennessee days =
memories of a lifetime

Good readers make good story-tellers




  1. Fun pics! Natalie was looking at the pics with me and saw the one w/ the giant pink moose ... she said, "I'm not going to look at that - it scares me a little!" Cracked me up. : ) She was asking about her buddy Jack the other day... : )

  2. I remember the day we went on that hike!!!

    (P.S I hope to see you soon)


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